Your Best Chance Of Beating Addiction Starts With YOU!

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Let’s take a look at your best chance of beating addiction and start with how something you dabbled with became a habit and is now a dependence.

Where did it all go wrong?

Those addicted to drugs or alcohol certainly did not set out with this aim in mind, so why is it that millions upon millions of people worldwide are addicted?

It is because the body quickly builds up a tolerance to your drug of choice. The brain and body feel rewarded when they receive their ‘hit’.

The problem with this building tolerance is that to achieve the same ‘high’ as previously you need to increase the amount and regularity of your substance of choice.

As you increase use and decrease the time between each ‘hit’ this dependence takes a stronger hold, and before you know it, you cannot live without it.

Indeed, trying to stop use will bring on intense cravings that will only be satisfied by taking yet more.

Common signs you have addiction issues:

There are many signs from a physical, psychological and social viewpoint that an addict will feel and show. Here are just 3 from each heading before we consider your best chance of beating addiction:


Appetite and Weight:

Addicts will notice changes in their appetite. They will either eat very little for extended periods of time or go on food binges where they eat anything at hand and do so for a long period.

These poor eating habits can obviously affect your weight. Many addicts find they suffer from either sudden weight loss or weight gain.

Personal appearance:

Because the drug or drink of your choice has become all-consuming, the last thing many addicts care about is their personal appearance and grooming habits. While they may not bother with a mirror, such appearances are clear for all around you to see.

Prone to illness and infection:

The regular use of drugs and drink lowers your body’s resistance. This means an addict is leaving themselves wide open to regular bouts of illness.

In the case of those who choose to inject, the risk of infection from such blood borne diseases as Hepatitis B, C and HIV/AIDS is greatly increased.


When looking at your best chance of beating addiction it is very important to understand that the psychological effects will not disappear overnight. Such effects need to be managed through a long term drug rehab program.


When an addict is not preparing or taking their next hit the mind can play strange games. Many state bouts of restlessness are ‘the norm’ between each ‘fix’.


Most addicts will think about stopping use during their drug fuelled journey, however such thoughts will quickly lead to increased anxiety and even anxiety attacks.


When an individual is either struggling to get their next high, or if they try to imagine a future without the drug/drink of choice feelings of depression will be evident.

It has to be said that anxiety and depression can stay with an addict for long periods of time after they have stopped using.


Partners, family and friends:

Because the drug or drink of your choice is literally all-consuming those closest to you such as partners, children and close friends will take a very firm back-seat in your thinking and priorities.

They will feel and show their hurt in a variety of ways, but because and addicts main priorities are elsewhere the damage they are causing often goes straight over their heads.

Social gatherings:

Parties, events and functions that were fun and relaxing before addiction took hold will become challenging. Those dependent on drugs will often make excuses to avoid attendance.

If an addict does attend such events you can be sure they will regularly disappear to the bathroom to keep topped up.


Addiction affects work performance and attendance. It is very common for addicts to phone in ‘sick’ on a regular basis as they are unable to face the ‘daily grind’ of their workplace.

Your best chance of beating addiction – Outpatient treatment?

Those who have finally faced up to the fact that drugs and/or drink are ruining their life, and that their actions are causing untold angst and heartbreak to those closest to them have a variety of rehabilitation services to consider.

Your health practitioner is often a first port of call. They can offer advice and support as well as giving information on outpatient and inpatient rehab establishments.

They should suggest a ‘tapering’ course of treatment which means that over time you will gradually reduce the amount of the drug taken.

There are also outpatient drug rehab centres that offer advice and support to help you withdraw.

The problem with both of these options is that care, supervision and attention is sporadic and appointment based, and you will still be living in the same sterile environment that put you on the addiction trail in the first place.

There will be temptation at every corner, and in all likelihood the least bit set-back in your personal life will have you scurrying back to your dealer as well as other addicts you are associating with.

Your best chance of beating addiction – Inpatient rehab:

Without a doubt a stint in an inpatient rehabilitation establishment gives an addict the best possible chance of coming to terms with their current situation.

It also gives them the best possible opportunity to overcome addiction and look forward to a drug or drink free future.

Many of those dependent upon drink and/or drugs are waking up to the fact that overseas luxury rehab resorts are an excellent alternative to what is on offer in their own country.

The benefits are many and varied. A new phase of your life will begin in a pristine and totally relaxed environment and crucially, waiting lists are either none existent or extremely short. This is a lot more than can be said for the oversubscribed inpatient rehab centres in your own country.

These overseas rehab establishments employ fully qualified, professional and understanding staff who are completely focused in helping you overcome your addiction.

This will be achieved through respect for yourself and others, and physical, psychological and spiritual sessions that will help put your present situation and future prospects fully into perspective.

Just as importantly, they will offer you a variety of quality aftercare options that are absolutely vital to helping you keep off drugs or drink once your initial stay at a luxury rehab resort has been successfully undertaken.

Your best chance of beating addiction begins with YOU!

If your dependence has reached levels that are ruining your life and those closest to you it is imperative you take the very brave step of admitting this.

Once you accept your current situation, the next step should follow very, very quickly. That step is to contact a luxury overseas rehab resort and speak with one of their understanding counsellors.

This initial contact will be a gigantic step with regard to you coming to terms with your addiction, facing up to it, and ultimately staying clean for the foreseeable future.

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