Fear Drives Addiction To The Edge Of Self-Destruction

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As continual alcohol and drug use increases in amount, and the periods between each slug or that much needed hit reduces, fear drives addiction to the edge of self-destruction.

We will look at the different ways fear affects those dependent upon alcohol or drugs, but first let’s understand why the use of legal as well as illegal substances need to be regularly increased for ‘satisfaction’.

Tolerance torment:

During the early stages of drug or alcohol use no one expects addiction to become an unwanted companion.

Unfortunately what is not realised or understood is the hugely powerful effect substances such as alcohol, cocaine, its relative; crack, and heroin have on the mind and body.

The fact is, regular abuse of alcohol or drugs leads to a downward spiral. The more you have, the more you need, the more you need the more you want.

This is totally down to tolerance of the mind and body. They both accept your ‘poison of choice’ as readily as a duck takes to water, but this acceptance holds a double-whammy.

The mind and body demand to be fed on a regular basis and to achieve the same ‘high’ as previously experienced they demand more of the same.

To deny them these expectations is frowned upon in the form of withdrawal symptoms that quickly come knocking.

For many such feelings of unease, uncomfortableness and pain give only one answer. That is to quickly put things right by taking another ‘pop’ to soothe oneself.

Fear drives addiction and wears several disguises:

Those dependent upon their regular fix find fear comes upon them in a variety of different ways, here are just two that can devastate a normal lifestyle.

Fear of where your next ‘livener’ is coming from:

Once a user is dependent upon alcohol or drugs they live with thoughts of where and how their next bottle or drug stash is coming from. As this dependence increases so do these unwanted thoughts.

Although many non-users may see that alcohol is far more easily obtained due to is legal status, the fact is that illegal drugs are very often on tap and ‘friendly dealers’ are never in short supply.

Thus that downward spiral mentioned earlier spins rapidly out of control.

Fear drives addiction – The thought of coping without drugs or alcohol:

This really is the killer in more ways than one. Those with dependence issues will deny to themselves and those around them that they are fearful of having to cope without their regular fix.

In reality they are petrified that their supply will be severed. Their need is so deeply entrenched in almost every thought and action that it becomes all-consuming.

Whilst in denial this constant worry will lead only one way; deeper and deeper dependence.

Those who do not reverse such a denial will find this fear can turn into a real killer.

Alcohol kills:

Constant and excessive drinking does very nasty things to the brain and body. It rots the liver, destroys the kidneys and ensures your cardiovascular system has to work overtime to keep the body functioning.

Make no mistake, without facing up to and confronting this fear you are heading to an early grave. It is essential that you seek the assistance of qualified alcohol rehabilitation services if you are to avoid standing on death’s unwanted doorstep.

Drugs debilitate then you die!

Fear drives addiction to drugs in a direction that must be avoided. Tales of tragic overdose cases are all too common, contaminated batches of illegal substances lead to coma and death, shared needles give shared infections that kill.

Drug addiction is not a game. It is a very real and serious situation. It cannot be stressed strongly enough that the longer you continue to deny there is a problem, the more likely you are to die.

Don’t Deny – Be decisive:

Many currently suffering from alcohol or drug addiction feel the world is against them and that they are lost in a haze maze without exits. Please realise this really is not the case.

It is understandable that you are scared, it is fully understood that fear drives addiction, but you cannot and must not let this fear prevent you from taking positive action.

Inpatient rehab facilities have been established for a very good reason. That reason is to help those currently addicted to alcohol or drugs.

They will help an addict accept the unwanted situation they find themselves in, and then progress with proven methods towards a life that is free from the burden of drink and drugs.

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