Need for Addiction Treatment Rising In Middle East

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Need-for-Addiction-Treatment-Rising-In-Middle-EastCivil unrest and violence in Middle Eastern countries are having far-reaching effects in terms of rising incidences of drug and alcohol addiction and the need for effective treatment. Our internationally certified staff makes it a point to stay on top of current affairs worldwide. We are prepared to offer needed services to individuals in the Middle East who are suffering from addiction. Reports from Baghdad, Iraq, in particular have shown that the high rate of personal loss among families as the result of war and related violence has contributed to substance abuse. The emotional trauma of grief and loss has caused people to seek solace in drugs and alcohol. Dependence on chemicals to ease the pain has reached alarming rates. Of equal concern is the number of children who are using illegal drugs. When they experience the psychological stress of violence, they, too, are turning to drugs as a way to cope with the loss of family members. Officials have noticed the uprisings that have occurred since 2011 seems to have sparked drug-related problems, including incidences of smuggling and dealing.

DARA Prepared To Help In International Setting

As a highly reputable provider of addiction recovery treatment in the international community, DARA has set processes in motion to help alleviate the repercussions of increased substance abuse in the Middle East. We already are serving clients from these war-torn areas, and we are taking steps to increase our capabilities. We want these people who are traumatized by the violence and upheaval in their countries to understand that we have compassionate solutions to their substance abuse problems. Starting August 1, we will have an Arabic-speaking counselor on our team as part of our recognition of the needs of this growing segment of the population. We also offer Halal foods, in accordance with the spiritual beliefs of many clients from the Middle East.

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