The United Kingdom’s Binge Drinking Problem


The-United-Kingdoms-Binge-Drinking-ProblemBinge drinking is out of control in the Northern England city of Newcastle. Studies show that 36 percent of the population dangerously binge drinks and drinks more on a daily basis in comparison to the rest of the nation. Some officials state that the price of alcohol is too low and accessible, that a standard and higher unit price needs to be set, and that health information needs to be added to each individual unit of alcohol sold.  Yet, there is another way.

Many would say that the best way to deal with the issue of binge drinking is not to raise the price on alcohol products, it is to educate and treat the afflicted and effected. When prices are raised in such a fashion, alcoholics and binge drinkers will only find a way to fund their addiction in illegal or dangerous ways instead of discouraging them to continue drinking. Education and prevention programs are the best way to reach out to those addicted to any substance, alcohol included. Drinking at this rate has become part of the fiber of this part of England. To change this, outreach has to start young before minors begin to illegal drink because drinking early as a teen may turn into becoming an alcoholic once beer and liquor is more accessible after reaching the legal drinking age.

The best way to combat such high and dangerous binge drinking statistics coming out of Northern England is to start with community outreach. When people are educated at a young age in schools with programs plainly laying out the dangers of abusing alcohol the way students receive education on illicit drug use, the region will see statistics drop. Unfortunately when the hidden dangers of abusing alcohol are treated casually and not as dangerous as drug use, statistics like these will only continue to rise.

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