Singaporean’s Youth Facing Binge Drinking

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Singapores-Youth-Facing-Binge-Drinking-in-Epidemic-ProportionsWhen we first become adults and we are learning our limits in the world around us, sometimes we push those limits a little too far. Part of becoming an adult is learning our limits and when to say enough is enough. Unfortunately for many young adults, binge drinking is a dangerous way to test those waters. With the drinking age in Singapore is 18, it is crucial to educate these young adults while they are still being formally educated.

Singapore’s government has debated raising the legal drinking age to 21, but some elected officials state that raising the drinking age would only be a quick fix. Especially with many young citizens serving in the military, it does not make sense for many to raise the drinking age when you dedicate your life to your nation.

Some cultural trends might point to why teenagers and young adults are turning to binge drinking. With college and university schedules being rigorous and time consuming or while embarking on adulthood searching for the right path in life, binge drinking is a way for many to cope with the stress and anxiety of the difficulties of growing up. Drinking is a quick and socially acceptable way to unwind after a long day of classes, homework or job hunting. Yet as with most issues concerning young and emerging adults, they do not know their limits and drink to the point of physical detriment. Binge drinking can cause lifelong liver and kidney damage, peptic ulcers, damage to the esophagus from constant vomiting, and potentially death if not treated properly and immediately.

It is hard growing up and learning your way in the world. The best way to treat youth binge drinking is with a lot of understanding and with outreach. Being a young adult comes with a lot of freedom and learning about how to conduct yourself, but it also comes with the price of responsibility. Self-restraint is probably the most important part of educating the young of Singapore on how to avoid the pitfalls of binge drinking. When young adults learn to control their impulses instead of acting on them often they live happier and healthier lifestyles. For those who become alcoholics and are unable to control these impulses on their own, DARA is here to help you become the healthiest person you can be.

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