The Highs And Lows Of Drug Use – A Never-Ending Cycle

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The highs and lows of drug use affect different people in different ways, but whichever way it affects you it is important to understand that continued and increased use will eventually lead to a lot more trouble than it is worth.

What’s with the high?

There can be no denying that the different street drugs available work their ‘magic’ in effective ways. Euphoric feelings, increased self-confidence, a lowering of inhibitions, bags of energy and feeling good with the world are all part of the drug taking experience while you are high.

These feelings are caused because of the effect your chosen substance has on the body and mind. While it will seem like a great idea when that rush is flooding over you it is important to understand that you get nothing for nothing in the drugs world.

Is a pleasant high guaranteed?

If only! The truth of the matter is that those paying hard earned money for any street drug do not really know what they are getting. This relates to the ingredients they contain and their potency.

This means varying degrees of highs await, but the flipside is that the lows experienced as you are coming down can be harsher and longer lasting than anything previously known.

Toxic chemicals are a constant ingredient in many synthetic drugs. Meth and ecstasy are fine examples. Those backstreet labs producing such drugs are, in the main careful not to overdo things, but it should be clearly understood that such things as drain cleaner, paint stripper and battery acid will be contained in that pill you have just popped.

Does one cracking high lead to the next?

Regular drug users will find that their mind and body quickly build a tolerance towards their drug of choice. What this means is that mentally and physically you are enjoying the experience and feeling.

Such pleasure rapidly becomes something that will not let go, and the need to feed these urges on a more regular basis is a natural progression.

It is also a fact that taking the same amount time after time will not give you the same expected high. The body and mind need more to satisfy and the only way to address this issue is to take more of the same and more often.

So, in short; yes, one cracking high can lead to the next and the next, but it also brings with it increased use as well as heightening your chances of dependence and addiction.

What’s with the low?

When you are coming down off drugs it is not a pleasant experience. Many will not have slept for extended periods and feel absolutely shattered, but the sleep they eventually succumb to is far from a comfortable, relaxing one. Hot sweats and bad dreams often accompany these very uneasy rest periods.

Others will suffer with feelings of anxiety and become fidgety and restless while depression is another huge factor.

Emotionally you are all over the place and depressive thoughts that have been simmering below the surface can rapidly rise and become magnified out of all proportion.

Pile common traits of negativity and anger on top of these, and many other unwanted feelings and a troubled life is yours.

Are the highs worth the lows?

Taking the above into account surely the lows experienced are not worth the highs and damage you are doing to yourself from a physical and mental point of view.

Individuals must make this decision for themselves, but the reality is that the more highs you chase, the more lows you will experience.

Many find themselves in a situation where their increased use means they do not want to face the deflating lows so they turn to constantly topping themselves up.

The result is dependence and addiction. This is a low that will change your life in no uncertain terms and really does not bear thinking about.

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