Upswing In UK’s Alcohol Use Causes Concern

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Upswing-In-UKs-Alcohol-Use-Causes-ConcernRecent statistics showing an increased rate of alcohol-related hospital admissions in the United Kingdom, particularly among women, indicates an ongoing international need to address drug and alcohol abuse. As a respected worldwide leader for alcohol addiction treatment, DARA Thailand is prepared to provide solutions for the UK’s chronic drink problem. A recent article posted on Daily reports that England’s public health officials are alarmed by a “deeply worrying” trend in alcohol addiction, particularly among women. A 2.1 percent rise in female patients compares with .7 percent rise for men over a yearlong period. Hospital admissions for alcohol-related illnesses include more middle-aged women and young mothers than ever before.

Women are drinking much more than they used to, particularly wine in the evening, and that quantity of drinking is causing significant problems in terms of liver disease and other serious conditions,” said Dr. Niall Campbell, consultant psychiatrist at the Priory Hospital in London. “Women are literally dying for a drink, and it is a national pattern.”

DARA Thailand Serves International Clients

Our internationally certified therapists at DARA Thailand design personalized treatment plans for each individual who comes to us from near or far. We respect cultural norms, while at the same time we realize that addiction knows no geographic, social, ethnic, economic, gender or age boundaries. We have served clients from more than 50 countries to date at our rehab location in Koh Chang. At Koh Chang, our treatment uses cognitive behavioral therapy as its primary focus. Because of the intensive professional training our counselors receive, we specialize in dual diagnosis treatment for mental health issues that co-exist with substance addiction. DARA Thailand makes it a point to keep informed about drug and alcohol issues around the world, such as the alcohol abuse crisis in the United Kingdom. As the leading international destination for addiction treatment, we welcome all individuals seeking recovery solutions.

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