Suki's Testimonial


The whole experience has been amazing and exceeded my expectations. I have found an inner peace that was truly missing from my life 28 days ago.

DARA isn’t just a rehab, it’s a 360 degree experience! Fantastic counselors, meditation and P.T.

— Suki

Todd's Testimonial


I was extremely impressed with everything.

The Facility
– Very stylish decor.
– I have never seen any hotel/resort do laundry in such an easy and fast manner.
– Little things like clothe hand towels in all the public restrooms (Rehabs don’t do that)
– Amenities in the room were extremely well thought out.

Staff – Professional
– I felt my tools and education I acquired will be highly more effective in my recovery than what I have experience elsewhere
– CBT works much better than 12-Steps for many!

Staff – House
– The Thai people are extremely friendly, hard working and terribly considerate

— Todd

D.B.'s Testimonial


This was an excellent experience overall and I think it has brought changes to my life. Hopefully they will be lasting. I appreciated the good balance between group and individual therapy, and the exercise etc. For me personally I found the restrictions on movement outside the resort to be irksome, but understand that the rules need to apply to all equally. However I think that movement outside should be negotiable for clients in their last week or two – its an important element of preparation for re-entry to normal life. I like the philosophy of DARA and think you have an excellent model.

— D.B.

Patrick’s Testimonial


I’ve had a look at your review form and can say that I don’t have much to add except for the usual plaudits of a client who was fully satisfied with the services provided by the entire staff during my stay.  I can’t think of anything critical to highlight or anything more to suggest on top of what you guys are already planning for the program.  I CAN say that [a treatment staff member] was an excellent ‘fit’ for me.  He ‘lead’ me perfectly and challenged me to face what I needed to address to come to grips with my addiction.  That said, I must add that his’s contribution was matched in equal measures by i) insights gained from the other counsellors (the RP sessions were of particular value); and ii) insights gained from sharing experiences with other clients during my stay.

I can also say that I am still quite keen on coming for the ‘refresher’ in maybe 6 months’ time and I would be keen to hear from you as to how that works.  I am sure that my recovery will have progressed to a new phase by then and that I could benefit from some additional ‘wisdom’ which might be appropriate to my circumstances at that time.  I would also love to see how the program has evolved by then!

Matt’s Testimonial


This place is truly amazing. You have helped me in so many ways and I am very grateful for that. Having clients and staff from around the world makes this place unique, along with being located in a beautiful setting assuring peace of mind during the recovery process.