Iran Plans 150 Alcoholism Treatment Centers


Despite Iran’s hardline rule against alcohol consumption, the Iranian government is planning to open 150 alcoholism treatment centers. Even though alcohol is banned in this Islamic country, the Iranian regime is taking commendable steps in recognizing the need to accommodate treatment for its vulnerable demographic.

Iran-Plans-150-Alcoholism-Treatment-CentersTrue, alcohol was banned in Iran since 1979. However, banning alcohol does not mean Iranians do not consume alcohol at home or in other private locations. Alcoholism isn’t prevented by territory lines or faiths. Some Iranians, just like many other people around the world, are secretly suffering with alcoholism. Many Iranians needing help for alcohol and other substance use issues look for highly discreet professional treatment centers outside of Iran. However, these private options are not always possible for people unable to travel outside of Iran; the Iranian government recognizes the need for alcoholism treatment centers within its borders.

According to Iranian government estimates, at least 200,000 of its citizens may be alcoholics. The number is likely much higher. Alcoholism is a global problem, and never a geographic no-man’s land. Many of the underlying causes of alcoholism stem from human circumstance or condition, including including anxiety, depression, trauma, stress, fear, loneliness, and frustration. These, too, find a home within all cultures and corners of the world.

Take a look at these global statistics compiled by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism:

  • In 2012 5.9 percent of all global deaths were connected to alcohol consumption
  • 1% of the burden of disease and injury worldwide is attributed to alcohol abuse (including liver cirrhosis, cancer and injuries)
  • Globally, alcohol misuse is the 5th leading factor for premature death and disability—and it takes the lead for those between the ages 15 and 49

Iran’s 150 planned alcoholism treatment centers, of which six include inpatient rehab, will provide services to the individuals and families who need professional treatment closer to home.

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