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In What Ways Can Sex Addiction Affect a Person’s Life?

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There is a huge difference between having extraordinary libido and being addicted to sex. It is important that you know the destructive effects that sex addiction can have in a person’s life so when you sense its symptoms, you can tell your loved ones about it to get help. The shame, embarrassment and humiliation that come with admitting to being a sex addict can keep many from disclosing it ever. Here is how sex addiction can affect a person’s life. Once you know the consequences, help yourself and your loved ones from its life ruining impact.

It Makes the Person Weak

What happens when a person loses control over their thoughts and actions? They become weak. Any type of addiction has physical effects, but the primary target of addiction is disrupting brain functionality. That’s what sex addiction does to a person—it disables their brain functions and starts controlling them. A sex addict cannot avoid having sex, the urge is too powerful and can be likened to that of a cocaine or meth user.  

It Brings Them Embarrassment and Shame

It does not matter whether the sex addict takes shame and embarrassment seriously or not. What you as an outsider know is that revealing your sexual affairs and immoral sexual acts deprive a person from their self-esteem and self-concept. Between any two surge-points that push a sex addict into extremities of sexual behavior there are moments of respite and withdrawal where they are in their senses for some time. That’s when this embarrassment and shame bothers them too.

It Keeps Them from Having Long-term Relationships

It’s the mental state of a sex addict that makes them from entering any long-term relationships. What starts out as a shameful act soon becomes a habit and a way to escape stress, emotional setbacks, burden of responsibilities, depression, etc. In this state of mind, they are not able to feel for their life partner, if they have any. They just want to move from one person to another as quickly as possible.

It Pushes Them into a Battle with Conscience

 A sex addict wants to cut back on their sexual activities and fantasies. However, they succumb soon to the urge. This process repeats and as a result, sex addicts find themselves brawling with their conscience over and over. This particular situation has to be taken seriously because the worst end to this fight could be in the form of suicide or suicidal tendencies.

It Makes Them Less Efficient

Sex addiction can affect a person’s career and work life in a negative way too. Withdrawal from sex can often fill a sex addict with restlessness, anxiety or depression. Anxiety and depression invoke thoughts of doom and devastation in the mind of a person. This results in drastic lack of focus and concentration when a sex addict tries to carry out his professional obligations or perform mundane tasks.

It Leads Them to Other Addictions

Sex addiction can force a person into prostitution or having sexual meetings with prostitutes to fulfill their unending desire. In communities where prostitution is common, substance abuse is common too, leading the sex addict to abusing others drugs. Not to mention, the loss of self-control and will-power already weakens a person’s resistance to these addictive substances.

Sex Addiction – Final Words

While any thought or excuse that prevents you from staying away becoming an addict is great, it shouldn’t just be the fear-factor that helps you stay sober. In fact, another motivation to avoid sex or any other type of addiction should be a person’s well-being. Start making the healthy changes in your life from today and become a role model so you can save many other lives in addition to yours.

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Fergie, Former Crystal Meth Addict

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Fergie, former Crystal Meth Addict and world famous female singer of the band Black Eyed Peas, recently stated during an interview with i News:

 “At my lowest point, I was suffering from chemically induced psychosis and dementia. I was hallucinating on a daily basis. I’d just be sitting there, seeing a random bee or bunny.”

Chronic methamphetamine abuse has a devastating effect on the central nervous system and the most effective way to treat the problems associated with chronic methamphetamine abuse is total abstinence. Whether snorted, smoked or injected, methamphetamine quickly crosses the blood/brain barrier where it can exert powerful effects on several neurochemical systems.

Crystal Meth also puts a strain on relationships and breaks down family systems, through the chronic and compulsive desire of the addict to use the drug regularly. Potentially making them hide this secretive self from those they love, so they can continue with the behaviour which is breaking down the very thing which they hold dear.

Whilst abusing drugs a person does not stop to think about the consequences of their actions and the affect their behaviour and mental state is having on those important to them.

“It took a year after getting off that drug for the chemicals in my brain to settle so that I stopped seeing things.”Fergie

 Having an extended half-life, crystal meth allows addicts a longer and more sustained high. The complex physiological responses involve excessive stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system. With repeated use, it depletes the brains dopamine stores and damages dopamine and serotonin nerve terminals. The User may then have a reduced ability to experience pleasure which can cause them to slip into a deep depression.

‘It has been estimated that 40% of methamphetamine users have abnormalities on neuropsychiatric tests.’ NCBI

 There can be long term effects from meth use which can last for several years.

As well as hallucinations it can also bring on persecutory delusions – which can be one of the lasting consequences of using the drug. It also affects the addict’s ability to determine consequences and skews rational thinking.

Other Potential Symptoms of Crystal Meth Abuse:

Auditory hallucinations

Strange or unusual beliefs

Thought reading

Visual hallucinations

Delusion of reference

Thought insertion

Negative psychotic symptoms

Disorganized speech

Disorganized or catatonic behaviour

Do you recognise any of these symptoms in those you love or within yourself?

Part of the program which DARA offers, focuses on how to reorganise thoughts through re-structuring the cognitive function, whilst participating within the program as an inpatient.

The goal of CBT is to enable people to replace unhelpful and self-defeating thoughts with more realistic and helpful ones.

DARA uses CBT techniques to address clients’ harmful thought patterns and help clients, recognize and practice alternative ways of thinking and regulating distressing emotions and harmful behaviour.

The qualified and experienced Clinical Staff will build a trusting, therapeutic relationship with each of the clients they work with and will also be around for quick check-ins and informal chats, during the day within the facility and each client will be supported and encouraged in various ways. Through the psycho-educational program, during one to one counselling sessions and then they will have the opportunity to put their new skills in place, within the community with the other clients, during their stay.

It’s helpful whilst developing and integrating a new way of thinking to be somewhere where what you are doing and trying to achieve, is understood and those around you – both clients and staff are there to not judge but offer support and assistance in the process. YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN YOUR RECOVERY.

Five of the many ingredients that fuel Meth mayhem:

Acetone: This is used in paint thinner and nail polish remover and is extremely flammable.

Acids: Think Hydrochloric and Sulfuric

Lithium: Used in the production of batteries. If lithium comes into contact with the skin serious burns are guaranteed.

Pseudoephedrine: A very common ingredient. It is a decongestant found in medicines for colds and flu.

Toluene: An essential component of brake fluid. DARA Rehab

Within the supportive environment of DARA Rehab, a Methamphetamine User can make the commitment and develop the resolve to remove the use of this invasive and devastating drug from their lives.

What DARA will offer Clients on an Inpatient Basis:

  • A personalised and tailored treatment plan created with the insight and professionalism of one of the highly trained Counsellors
  • Non 12 Step Rehab Program
  • Psycho – Educational Topic Groups
  • Group Therapy Sessions
  • Wellness and Wellbeing behavioral activation, advice and skills to take away
  • A Sense of Community

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Sex Addiction

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Sex Addicts – While Sex Addiction is not officially recognized as a distinct addiction such as alcoholism or heroin addiction, it is quite real and it can be devastating. Experts and treatment professionals generally agree that there are a cluster of symptoms which constitute sexual addiction. Sex addiction, or hypersexuality, is difficult to diagnose largely because the line between a healthy and active libido and problematic sexual behavior is hard to define. Essentially, if one is so preoccupied with sex and engages in sex to the extent that these thoughts and behaviors negatively impact one’s life or get in the way of normal daily activity, then one is in danger of being addicted to sex. The difficulty is that psychologists have been reluctant to use the term “addiction” for this type of issue. Just a few symptoms may help a person decide if they are wrestling with this problem:

If one experiences continual and prolonged sexual fantasies to the exclusion of other thoughts.

Time spent engaging in sexual thoughts and fantasies interferes with regular activities.

If sexual thoughts and urges come as the result of other problematic feelings (anxiety, depression, etc.)

Engaging in sexual behavior without regard for social and legal consequences.

Sex addicts are generally vexed with a constant and unrelenting preoccupation with sex. Their thoughts about sex and engaging in sex persist to the exclusion of nearly every other aspect of their lives. It is normal to have sexual fantasies, but for the sex addict, engaging in sexual fantasies is on the order of an obsession. Their thoughts about sex interfere with other activities.

Another important feature of sex addiction is the problem of engaging in sexual activities without regard for social and legal consequences. Sex addicts, as opposed to those who engage in normal sexual activities, will engage in sex in the work place, in public, and other places and times in which there can be severe social and legal consequences.

Psychological experts generally agree that sex addiction arises from other issues and problems. Depression and severe anxiety issues are just two of the conditions which professionals have linked to what we now call sex addiction. Essentially, sex addicts are driven by deep psychological problems which are by and large untreated and they seek to escape from these difficulties by engaging in sex and endlessly obsessing about sex. Doctors have met with some success in treating sex addiction with antidepressants as these medication alleviate the underlying cause of sex addiction.

An unfortunate consequence of sex addiction is the prevalence of STDs and HIV/AIDS if people who have been diagnose as sex addicts. One of the stand out feature of sex addiction is indiscriminate sexual encounters. Many of these people do not use protection. The result is an tremendous increased risk for STDs and even HIV/AIDS. People who demonstrate the signs of sex addiction should find help as soon as they can. There is Sex Addicts Anonymous, as 12 step recovery program much like AA, which can help people recover for sex addiction. There are also an increasing number of treatment programs which specialize in sex addiction.  

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Sex addiction

Five Traits Of A Sex Addict

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Sex addiction is a very real condition that is hidden by far more adults than is ever reported. Major reasons that many affected refuse to seek professional assistance are embarrassment and shame.

Traits of a sex addict:

There are many traits that point towards a person suffering from sex addiction. Here are 5 of the most common:

The need for sex is out of control:

As crazy as it may seem you are ready to have sex anywhere and anytime. You know the risks involved are pointing towards you being caught in the act but that does not stop you from acting this way.

Any money you have for essential bills may be spent on paying for sex or used to take a ‘new date’ out with the sole intention of ending the night having sex wherever you can. The truth is that sex is the most important thing to you and you will have it regardless of the consequences.

Sex is a complete preoccupation:

You can’t go longer than 10-15 minutes without your thoughts turning to sex. Savouring your last session, looking forward to your next. This preoccupation puts everything else into second place and while you may try to put sex to the back of your mind, this proves to be an unachievable task.

Different strokes/Different folks:

Because sex is constantly on your mind you come up with kinkier ways to have sex. Riskier places to perform sex acts and more extreme forms of sex. As long as personal sexual preferences are within the law and with others who consent this is certainly not something to be concerned about. But, the fact that you want to try everything, anywhere and anytime regardless of the consequences indicates that your need and desire for sex has crossed a line.

Masturbation is a constant:

This is another pointer that your sexual needs are out of the ordinary and help is required. You wake up in the morning and masturbate, you disappear to the bathroom while at work to do the same. You will even masturbate immediately after sex even though under normal circumstances this would not be a consideration.

Constant relationship problems:

If you feel sex is becoming all-consuming take a step back and have a look at your relationships with those you either live with for a while or see on a regular basis for sex. Are these in a mess? Do they often end because of your actions? The fact you know that you will eventually get caught out by one partner or another but do not really care? Do you make obvious mistakes that tell one partner you are cheating on them. One of the reasons you do this is because you do not really care who finds out as long as you are successful in your next conquest?

Sex Addiction – An urgent need for help:

There are many more traits that show your sex addiction is overwhelming not just you but those you come into contact with. The problems will not disappear on their own. They will become deeper, and the deeper they become the bigger your risk of suffering serious consequences. This is because you continue to cross lines of acceptability as far as your sexual actions are concerned.

What may be acceptable to you is far from acceptable to others. Many with unnaturally high sex urges find they break laws in a variety of different ways in their quest for sex. Instead they should be seeking professional sex addiction counselling before their increasing sexual needs grow into very real problems.

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Inpatient Rehab Establishments The Celebs Plump For

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Celebrity Drug and Alcohol Rehab. Fame, fortune and highly publicised addiction battles are part of the celebrity territory. While there is certainly no additional sympathy for them it is interesting to take a glimpse at the type of inpatient rehab establishments the celebs plump for.

What to expect from celebrity rehab establishments:

The facilities on offer at these high-end establishments are akin to what is on offer at a luxury boutique hotel.

Proven drug and alcohol abuse treatment methods are employed for those with dependence problems. Clients also benefit from extended freedom in terms of internet access that allows essential business communication to be carried out. As well as, extra luxuries such as top quality, private accommodation with the finest bed linen, state-of-the-art fitness facilities and gourmet meals. Also, relaxation areas conducive to healing are all on offer.

Three examples of high-profile Celebrity Drug and Alcohol Rehab establishments:

There is a good choice of inpatient rehabilitation establishments for celebrities to choose from. Here are brief details on 3 of them. The first two are both well-established with the third attracting growing interest from this lucrative market:

Promises Treatment Centre:

Promises is located in Malibu and has become a high-profile celebrity drug and alcohol rehab establishment. It has provided treatment for such stars as Ben Affleck, Britany Spears, Diana Ross and Robert Downy Jr.

The treatment offered at this upmarket Oceanside facility is based around holistic healing strategies. Their approach to treating celebrities has rapidly turned it into one of the most popular facilities of its kind in the world. Costs for a one-week stay run at around $9,000 a week.

Betty Ford Clinic:

This long-established celebrity drug and alcohol rehab facility is also located in California and has provided treatment for stars. Stars that include Chevy Chase, Keith Urban and Ozzy Osbourne.

Privacy and proven rehabilitation treatment methods are two reasons it has remained so popular for so long. Costs are slightly more affordable than Promises at around $6,000 for a one week stay.

Passages Rehab Facility:

This celebrity drug and alcohol rehab establishment has not yet gained the same popularity as the above 2 facilities. With extensive amenities on offer it is gradually gaining the recognition it deserves.

Extensive marble flooring complements private rooms with bedroom terraces offering oceanside views, massage rooms, a fully equipped gymnasium, enticing swimming pool and tennis courts. Gourmet meals prepared by professional chefs are just some of the first-rate facilities on offer.

Treatment includes alcohol and drug addiction programs, marriage counselling and family therapy. Stars such as Andy Dick, Stephen Baldwin and David Hasselhoff have all availed of these services with costs for a 30-day stay running at around $40,000.

When money is no object:

Those who are in the fortunate position of being able to afford inpatient rehab facilities that the celebs plump for have a wide choice of luxurious establishments to choose from. Many of these facilities cost far more than the prices indicated above.

While money may be no object in terms of attending such a facility it is not a substitute for healing. This must come from the person themselves and will only be achieved with self-determination and a desire to leave addiction where it belongs; in the past.

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